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. 8.24.2009

.Brady and I have been talking recently about combining our offices into one room and turning his old office space into a guest room. Originally, I wasn't so keen on the idea, but I've started to warmed up to it. It makes sense to have a comfortable place for friends to crash (other than a pile of blankets on our floor) and it might encourage family to visit. [Yes, that was a hint!]

So, I spent most of today looking at various options and piecing rooms together, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I came up with this basic little set up that would allow for a sense of comfort in such a tiny room. It's pretty minimal without being cold. Obviously I've left out things like lighting and wall decor, but you get the idea! Also, the room has a closet with shelves, so a dresser isn't really necessary. What do you think?

The Room:
1. Flex Sofa from CB2
2. Zoey Round Side Table from InMod
3. Midtown Rug from CB2
4. Blur Chair and Ottoman from Blu Dot
5. Summer Shower paint from Benjamin Moore

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MegRuth said...

I love that sofa! I've been trying to find something to go in Luke's office that isn't so bed-like. I just wish they offered it in more colors because that one isn't his fave. Everything else I've found is either $2K or too ugly.

P.S. I love your fav icon.

Kayla Porter said...

looks awesome. i didn't mind the comfy floor before, but now i'm excited to stay in the guest room, if you'll have me. haha.

Jon said...

Capree, you have the cutest stuff on your blog! I love to keep current by checking in on it from time to time. Love it-keep it up!

Capree said...

Megan - they have it in grey, too! He has to like grey, right? Who doesn't like grey? :D P.S. When will your house be done??

Kayla - we will definitely have you and you'll have a bed! Sound fair?

Jon - or is it Becky?! Ha! Thanks for the compliments. Glad you like the blog! :)

Becky said...

It's Becky...I'm not the most tech savvy girl in cyberspace! Anyway, love your blog. And I am learning slowly....I always embarrass Jon when I type things like that!

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