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. 8.07.2009

Another week already gone!? Man, time flies when you're looking at cool stuff like this:

I've heard of blown glass, but blown fabric?? Gnarly. [swissmiss]

I may have just found my dream home: a glass house cut into a rocky slope emphasizes simple geometry and an indoor/outdoor relationship. Nice. [Plastolux]

Ah, yes. The naughty adventures of little boys. Funny and terrifying. [Pacing the Panic Room]

Crappy Taxidermy. Look at it and then try your hardest to burn it from your mind! [Kate]

The Memo Block - a block of 'stickies' that looks like a block of wood looking like a block of 'stickies'. [swissmiss]

Oh, hey! I won the freaking coolest giveaway ever! More on that next week. [Atomic Indy]

Hope you enjoy the links! Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!!

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