TypeFace Tuesday :: Richard Perez

. 8.04.2009

.Loving the great typography portfolio of Richard Perez, a San Francisco based designer. Be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio and stop by his Big Cartel shop to pick up a few sweet prints (like the "Things I Like" poster featured above)!

About Richard:
Hi there, I'm Richard Perez. I am a graphic designer and illustrator located in San Francisco originally hailing from the suburbs of LA. And, no offense bay area, I got to say the Mexican food is a 'hella' lot better in Los Angeles. I fell in love with graphic design through old album covers and film posters and developing a passion to make stuff as a youngster. If you want more information about my work, are interested in working together, collaborating or just want to strike up some random conversation, I could be reached at info(at)skinnyships.com


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