Vedge :: A Vegan Fridge

. 8.18.2009

.The Vedge: a vegan refrigerator [2009 Spark Awards submission]. Apparently if you put meat in it, it'll explode.

Seriously, this is probably one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. I don't mind the design of the refrigerator itself, but the fact that it's being marketed as "vegan" is absurd.

[I tweeted this before, but it was too good to let Twitter have all the glory.]

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MGU said...

I actually quite like it. I think it's marketed as vegan because vegans eat quite a massive amount of vegs, qhich require large storage. ordinary ffridges assume you need space for eggs, soda cans and bottles, etc. This assumes you'll use different ingredients. If you want it's very specific, but I could do with it.

Capree said...

Oh don't get me wrong, I like the fridge itself - I think it's a great design and I appreciate the extra/variety of storage. I just think it's silly that it's marketed as strictly 'vegan'. It seems like they're trying to jump on the bandwagon a bit with that kind of marketing. Anyway, I'd like to see this in production. It's a great alternative to the space-munching, stand-alone fridge. I wonder if this will also come with a freezer option? Again, a great overall design - silly marketing.

Capree said...

As a follow up comment, I think you make a great point about the massive amount of veggies needing massive amounts of storage. With that I can understand the targeted marketing a bit more, although I'd like to see it marketed to a larger audience as I think people other than vegans would appreciate its ingenuity.

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