Geordie Wood :: Hand Painted Photographs

. 10.28.2009

Hand painted prints for Susan Woo’s Spring 2010 Collection. New York, NY (2009)

Hellz yes!

Photo & Paint Geordie Wood
Style Susan Woo
Model Robyn Connor
Hair Nico Aceves
Makeup Ashley Lloret

During fashion week in NYC this September Susan Woo debuted her second collection, Spring 2010. The following week we took to Space 523 in Brooklyn to shoot her new looks. This time around our goal was to top the success of last seasons lookbook and with able hands on deck, I think we did it. Following the shoot, I made 8×10 inch prints and hand painted the photographs. It’s a slight touch but I think it brings a really interesting layer to the work.


[via Oh Joy!]

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