Growing up is hard.

. 10.08.2009

As you can see, MAIYA is growing up a bit and with that comes great responsibility.  Wait.  No.  That's power.  Anyway, we're experiencing some growing pains around these parts and I'd like your help! 

A few things you can do that would be really awesome and help a lot:

1. Be patient!  :D
2. Leave a comment!  I've installed a fancy new comment form and it's being a bit finicky.  If you could leave a comment (saying anything - "poop" - I don't care) that would be greatly appreciated.  I'm having some troubles receiving notification of comments and some of them are disappearing.
3. In the event you are unable to leave comments (because of a problem on my end, not because you don't have any hands), please email me and let me know!
4. Change your bookmarks to my new, custom URL: http://www.myadventureisyouradvantage.com
5. Let me know if anything else is out of whack.

Thanks in advance for your help - and as always, thank you for coming here and spending your valuable time with MAIYA!

EDIT: This new comment system allows you to login using social networking sites (FaceBook, Twitter, Google Friend Connect, Blogger), as well as your own URL, Yahoo ID, Haloscan, and Open ID.  You can use one or all of them - this allows others to learn more/follow you!  You can also post images and reply to specific comments.  Try it out!

P.S. Isn't technology awesome?

[images from: recovering lazyholic]

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