HZL by Henzel :: Contemporary Area Rugs

. 10.19.2009

I just ran across these area rugs from Swedish designer Calle Henzel and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I've never seen anyone doing what Henzel has done with this media.  His rugs are exciting and ground breaking - truly works of art!

Contemprary Area Rugs :: HZL by Henzel

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Studio founder Calle Henzel has worked with a variety of media including rugs, furniture and textiles. Over the last years painting has increasingly become an important form in his work. Even though hand tufted rugs became his main art making instrument, painting never ceased to be a parallel tool that allowed him to put his formal ideas in place.

Henzel's overlapped; fragmented and bold collaged paintings capture a youth culture zeitgeist. Influenced by the opulent grandeur of 80s art his collage-based images presenting fragile and fluctuating notions of identity, ciphers, corrupted beauty, symbols and pulp novels. Henzel's work embodies all the fashion and glamour associated with that decade of decadence.

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