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. 10.09.2009

Seriously good stuff.  Seriously.

Gorgeous product design by Remo Caminada - reminds me a bit of Charley Harper. [grafikcache]

Delicious food photography and recipes to boot! [Design*Sponge]

Super-small, portable refrigerators?? Rechargeable, too?  Whoa, tell me more! [Freshome]

An incredibly awesome (and epic) interview with fave illustrator Jim Datz! [grain edit]

Check out this modern barn in Connecticut - polished concrete floors and exposed maple woodwork! [Design Milk]

Looking for a new art book? Check out photographer Josef Hoflehner’s Jet Airliner.  [Rachel Hulin Blog]

Fascinating and repulsive all at the same time: Dead Fly Art. [Drawn!]

As always, enjoy the links and have a fantastic weekend!!  See you on Monday! 

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