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. 10.27.2009

I love all the great modern pet bowls that are coming out these days, especially the new designs from Doca Pet!  Each of their feeders is elevated to help relieve neck strain for your furry friend.  Any of the three available styles would look fantastic in your modern home!

Choose the Dogleg Diner for a more urban environ.  Made of powder coated steel, it is available in four colors - black, white, red, or orange. [$98 - $188]

The Y Bowl has a slightly more mid-century feel with its tripod legs.  Also available in red, orange, black, or white. [$30 - $36]

The Square Meal bowl would fit nicely into a more minimal and/or contemporary home.  The brushed stainless steel stand has a matte acrylic top in either black or white. [$86 - $126]

All feeders available from www.docapet.com.

More product images after the jump!

Dogleg Diner:

Y Bowl:

Square Meal:

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