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. 11.06.2009

A few reasons why the Internet is so awesome.

This wallpaper has built in pockets.  Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself. [Freshome]

Best thing ever created with paper: a giant head. Seriously. [Craft]

Tweenbots: A NYC resident decides to bring people together, one robot at a time. [Club Narwhal]

Show off your family tree with these über modern genealogy charts! [Design*Sponge]

Light transmitting concrete.  You read that right.  Concrete you can SEE THROUGH. [2Modern Design Talk]

Need some inspiration for your kitchen? Anna shares some of the most inspiring around! [Door Sixteen]

These customizable alphabet plates will make kids feel pretty darn special. A great gift for that little one in your life! [swissmiss]

A big thank you to all you dear Adventurers who came along for the ride this week!  I hope you liked what you found!  Have a great weekend and enjoy the links!  I'll see you Monday!

P.S. Don't forget to enter the MegRuth Photography giveaway! Only a few days left to enter!

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