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. 11.05.2009

There weren't as many entries for this giveaway, so for those who did enter - your chances were pretty good!  I compiled all the entries into a spreadsheet in the order they were received and then  - BLAMMO - sent them on their way to Mr. Randomizer.  The lucky soul who will receive 100 FREE postcards to use as they please is....

Entry #2 aka Jena Ardell with a Tweet!

Congratulations to Jena, who plans to use these postcards as promos for her upcoming Summer Love book!  (Jena is a fantastic photographer - check out her work!  You won't be disappointed.)

Thank you to everyone who entered and a BIG thank you especially to MAIYA sponsor Uprinting.com for such a great giveaway!  If you didn't win, don't dismay!  There will be future giveaways to participate in!

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor as well, contact me for more info.

[PSST! Don't forget to enter the MegRuth Photography giveaway!  Only five more days to enter!]

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