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. 1.07.2010

Check out these beautiful, hand-printed wallpapers from Grow House Grow!  I love the octopus motif in the Captain Smith pattern.  All wallpaper available by the sheet or roll.

Grow House Grow specializes in narrative-inspired wallpaper design. Our lifelong love of storytelling and affinity for pattern shapes every hand printed roll we produce.  It can be argued that a good story—and we all have one—inspires and gives meaning to the world around us. From personal histories and architectural details, to souvenirs and heirlooms we hold dear, we feel it’s important to fill our living spaces with things that create an environment that is both personal and universal; just as a good story does. Each pattern Grow House Grow creates has a different tale to tell, and endeavors to spark creativity, mystery, and comfort in each room it inhabits.

Grow House Grow is based in Brooklyn, NY, and is cared for by illustrator and designer Katie Deedy.

Wallpaper from Grow House Grow: $40/sheet or $150/roll

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