Bilbao C Tote

. 2.02.2010

I'm not really a purse person, I like totes.  I'm trying to convince myself to be a purse person, because "adults" have purses, but who am I kidding.  Totes are just more my style, especially when they look like this one from Issey Miyake!  I love the pattern (and color!) but the price seems a bit ridic for a cotton tote: $190.  I guess it's to keep kids like me away.  Oh well.

The latest addition to the Bilbao series, this bag has a triangular pattern printed in high-density ink on a cotton canvas base, creating a casual, durable, and versatile bag. One interior pocket. Made of cotton and nylon.

Bilbao C Tote available from the MoMA Store: $190

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