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. 2.18.2010

Blogger buddy AtomicIndy tweeted about this dollhouse and I had to share it here, because it's just that amazing.  First, let me just say that I don't think it's fair for a doll to have a better house than me.  Do you agree?  Good.  Moving on, then.

The Emerson House is the first dollhouse from new kids on the toy-designing block Brinca Dada.  Inspired by Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann Desert House and the Gary Cooper-owned A. Quincy Jones house, this little modern marvel has it all:  "glass" corners, cut stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and recessed lighting.  The solar panels on top aren't just for show, either.  They power the recessed LED lights found throughout the home.  The whole thing is built at 1:12 scale and is made from various woods and acrylic glass.  All finishes are non-toxic and lead free, so you can rest easy about that.

But, what's a home without equally incredible furnishings?  Fortunately, Brinca Dada offers the complete package with coordinating furniture and accessories.  To finish everything off, there's a wide-eyed (and slightly creepy) wooden family.

The suggested retail price for the Emerson House is $299.  I'm not sure if that includes any of the furniture or the dolls, though.  Keep your eyes peeled for this to show up in specialty toy stores sometime this Spring as well as online.

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