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. 2.12.2010

Say what??  Linky Dinks??  Yes, indeed.  You may have noticed that for the last little bit I haven't been posting this weekly feature.  I'd like to bring it back, if you're interested!  What do you say?  Should Linky Dinks stay?  Let me know in the comments.

Pretty much the coolest typography experiment I've ever seen: CMYK Alphabet. [Design Year Book]

Curious about the paint colors in the CB2 catalogs?  Their art director lets you in on this little bit of info! [In The Loop]

Modern classics get the laser treatment in this limited edition print - very cool, indeed. [swissmiss]

Got the DIY spirit and a tender spot for modern design? Check out this DIY Nakashima table! [Plastolux]

First, look at this wreath.  Gorgeous!  Now, go watch the video to see how it's done! [Friday's Child]

Calling all LOST fans!  This retro-styled poster is sure to get your goat. [Drawn!]

Feel like winning something?  Yeah, me too.  Enter to win this L Letterpress - hurry, giveaway ends Feb. 15th! [Black*Eiffel]

(That wasn't so bad, right?  Let me know!  Linky Dinks - yay or nay?)

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