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. 2.26.2010

It's Linky Dinks time, people.  Let's do it.

BAM! This before & after is sexy as hell - love the wallpaper and the black/white/gold scheme. [Design*Sponge]

Holy minimalist! A trash can can't get much more simple than this. A true beauty. [swiss miss]

Check out this modern DIY shed/studio - I'm impressed, to say the least! [Design Milk]

Whaaaat? A paint can pinhole camera?  Crazy.  Crazy awesome! [Better Living Through Design]

This house is super modern, but the color palette keeps it warm and inviting! I love it! [Contemporist]

And there you go.  Enjoy the links, enjoy the weekend, and I'll see you Monday!  I'm off to go work on that dang branch wall...

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