Nomad Modular Screen

. 2.11.2010

This modular screen is made up of recycled, double-walled cardboard modules.  An interesting way to break up space (that is, if you're lucky enough to have extra space to break up)!  Sold in a set of 24 (each set makes a 20.25 sq. ft. area in the 'open' configuration and 13.5 sq. ft area in the 'closed' configuration).

Nomad is designed to quickly assemble into free-standing sculptural screens, temporary partitions and display backdrops without hardware, tools, or damage to existing buildings. These modules can be arranged in either open or closed configurations - you decide the degree of privacy and permeability needed. The system's clever, slotted design can turn corners and easily adjust to any indoor space.

Available from Re:modern: $56 for a set of 24

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