The California Desk

. 3.25.2010

OK, this desk is just out of control.  Made from salvaged Claro Walnut with a salvaged Maple base, and finished with hand-rubbed, low-toxic Tung Oil.  Who knew California would make such a great looking desk?

The form offers incredible ergonomic function as a desk, and brings to mind all of the positive associations with "the golden state": artistic contribution, technical innovation, entertainment production, political progression, and diversity of population and geographies.

The Claro Walnut, a perfect analog to the left coast's culture and people, possesses a spectrum of colors and textures, unlike many other wood species. And, because Claro Walnut is not harvested commercially at any significant scale, it is obtained mostly through small, independent sawyers who are able to spare displaced trees from the landfill or chipper.

The California Desk is the beautiful brainchild of furniture designer Jared Rusten.  Check out more of his work on the J.Rusten Furniture Studio site or on his Flickr page.

The California Desk by J.Rusten Furniture: $4900

[via Oh Happy Day]

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MegRuth said...

I am in awe this is so amazing!

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