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. 3.26.2010

A few things from this week that you don't want to miss:

8-bit pixel pointy finger wall hook.  Say that 10 times fast. [Freshome]

Illustrator Dan McPharlin creates cool space scenes by combining 2D art with tiny, 3D cardboard cutouts. [meathaus]

Modern rugs inspired by vital organs and various other innards.  Gutsy. [2Modern Design Talk]

Photog Maarten Wetsema creates modern dog portraits like nobody's business. [Dog Milk]

Hey, if you're going to die, you may as well go out in style.  Modern urns and coffins. [Plastolux]

As always, it was a pleasure having you along for another week of modern adventures!  I'm off to go see the first US theatrical screening of House (Hausu) since its original 1977 release.  Watch the trailer and you'll understand why I'm excited.  Peace!

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