"My adventure is your advantage!" was started by Capree Kimball one Summer night in 2007.  What began as a personal blog of ramblings and findings has grown into a professional design blog full of inspiration.  Capree's goal is to inspire readers through art, design, fashion, and decor.  Occasionally some other odd bits get thrown in for good measure.  So saddle up and get ready for some adventures in the modern world!

About Capree:

Capree Kimball is a photographer, doodler and hooligan. Though, according to some, her hooligan skills are downright shonky. She has a deep love of Victorian-era “fancy lads”, 19th Century anatomy drawings, and tin robots. Capree was born in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Peoria, Arizona. She spent a great deal of her youth going to museums and reading through her father’s art and design books. She currently resides in Utah with her wonderful husband and their miniature schnauzer, Wrigley.  You can also find Capree spreading the mod love on Grassroots Modern and 2Modern Design Talk.

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