Move it, m_v_ _t.

. 7.16.2007

Brady and I are moving to Lehi on Saturday. We're excited to have a place of our own and are looking forward to these next couple months in which we will very slowly accumulate the bare essentials. Right now we have a couch. I have a desk and no chair.. Brady has a chair and no desk. We do not have a bed, or a table, or chairs.. or really anything else. We have a small backyard covered in grass and no lawn mower. Maybe we'll just let it grow until it snows and we no longer have to think about it.. If you don't see the problem, the problem doesn't exist! I'm also debating whether or not I should sell/give away my last 2 pufferfish before the move. If you know anyone who may want them, they're pretty cute and look like this:

They have the potential to grow up to 6-7 inches, although mine are about 2.5-3" right now. They're quite fun, but require a bit more care than freshwater fish. If you're interested, here's some info and here's some more.

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