Strange Love

. 7.10.2007

I got a new job today. I will be some sort of studio manager / assistant / retoucher person. For how much I hated my old job, I'm strangely un-enthused. It's a bit anti-climactic.

My brother-in-law, the restless entrepreneur, the go-getter, the ladder-climber of personal success, has decided that the little cards I give to friends and family for their birthdays, are so good, they should be mass produced. And so he started "Capree's Cards" and has already got 3 boutiques ready to order them. All I have to do now is draw them. So I am thinking maybe instead of just "Capree's Cards", we go the branding route, just call them "Capree" or "Capree's Curiosities".. and branch out from there... stationary, stickers, coin purses, aprons, t-shirts, bags, buttons, dolls, fabric.. endless possibilities. I think I would like that. So if anyone knows of any cool boutiques in SLC, the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, NYC, Chicago, Scottsdale / Phoenix, San Diego, LA, Denver, or anywhere else, please let me know.

We move into our new house in 11 days. Brady's birthday is in 13 days. Pioneer day is in 14 days. We leave for Comicon in 15 days. We get back from Comicon in 19 days. I start a new life in 20 days.

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