Other than the 2 hours of driving...

. 7.12.2007

...I like my new job. The people I work with there are just the greatest of people. I really enjoy them. It feels like I have a lot in common with Sandy, the lady who has been training me. She's one of those people that I just feel instantly comfortable around, which is rare. I feel that I can be very open with her and she won't pass any judgements. (I hope she feels the same) It seems like she and I have the same sense of humor, which always makes things more enjoyable.. no awkwardness or weird looks. As for the job itself, it seems like there will be some good opportunities that come from it. Right now the only real drawback I can see is the commute. I filled my tank up yesterday morning and it's already at half. With gas prices the way they are, I don't know how long I'll be able to spend over $200 a month just on my gas for my car.. let alone however much Brady has to spend on his. He's pretty convinced that he'll take the bus or the Novell shuttle to work once we move to Lehi. This will actually work out just fine since he is allowed to download the source code and work from home. So while he's on the bus, he can actually be working and applying the commute time towards his regular work day. Save money on gas, help out a little with the air/environment by using mass transportation, and get work done all at the same time! Sounds like a good plan to me.

In other news, we are moving in 9 days! We go for the inspection next Wednesday, sign all the closing papers on Thursday, and begin moving on Saturday! Brady and I are both pretty excited. Things will be a little crazy for a while, with both of us working full time and me not getting home until 7pm.. and us not having any furniture other than a small couch.. Yes.. things will definitely be crazy, but I think we can make it. The townhome we're buying is pretty nice and will be a great first place. We already have a few ideas for upgrades we'd like to make right away. Mostly just repainting everything and replacing the linoleum in the bathrooms with tile. Also, the banister on the stairs is totally whack. I'll take a photo of it before we replace it, since I don't think a written description could really do it justice. Let me just say that I have coined it the "Tetris railing".. that may help your visualization.

Well.. That's about all I've got for now. I don't like how this entry has turned out to sound like a letter or something, because I feel like I have to close it with a "Talk to you soon!" or a "Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon!". So I'll just end it with this:

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