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. 11.11.2007

A week ago yesterday I got hair extensions. My hair is pretty long now and it feels kind of weird. My friend Hillary put them in using this new technique that doesn't involve glue or braiding, so it was totally pain-free. Instead, small sections of your hair are threaded through these little metal beads and then the extensions are placed inside the bead as well, close to your scalp, and then the bead is clamped down with a special tool. And there you have it. It doesn't hurt or ruin your hair. I'm not sure how I feel about my new 'do. I've been thinking that I want to take them out and have my short hair back, but today my hair actually looks OK. Maybe I'll keep it for a while. It's kind of fun. Although, it does take a lot longer to do in the mornings - nothing beats the 3-5 minutes it took to do my hair when it was short.

My "good" side, complete with the small scar I got from turning around abruptly and hitting my face against a door frame.

The other side.

From the front... my eyes looking a little dead..

Aaaaand.. an old one, from earlier this year. Good times.

3 Remarks:

Mandy said...

Nice long locks!!! I like that last one too! You could get away with any style.

Little Lisa said...

WHOA!!! RAD!!!!!!!

Scott and Britta said...

WHAT THE?????!!!! your hair is sooooo long! i have never seen it like that!! SWEET!

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