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. 11.11.2007

Yesterday, Brady and I finally went to the Benjamin Moore store and bought new paint for our place. Right now the walls are this creamish-tan color and.. Purple. And not a pretty purple either. A very obscene, semi-gloss purple that attracts way too much attention to itself. The previous owners thought it would be a clever idea to paint the inside of the alcoves this garish color so that people would think they were perhaps 'quirky' or 'bold' or making some great statement. It is, in fact, just hideous. We had the grand idea of painting the majority of the walls grey, or "Half Moon Crest", to be specific. We also thought it would be fun to have a small accent wall that leads to the staircase in a bright, but conservative, green. We chose "Grape Green" from good old Bennie Moore. We are also painting out the alcoves in "Decorator's White" to mask the nasty purple that currently resides there. On the two walls that embrace our small dining area, we are going to apply this awesome wallpaper, ferm LIVING's Branch Wallpaper, which I included in a previous post. Here are the paint samples from the Benjamin Moore website:

I also did up a little diagram so you could better understand our layout and where exactly all this paint/paper is going to go.

Also, we recently ordered this light from Lighting For Less. We first saw it featured in dwell and thought it would really compliment the wallpaper. Each one is fabricated on a per-order basis, so we feel pretty special.

We begin painting tomorrow with the help of our wonderful brother-in-law, Joe. He's a painting master and the go-to guy for painting help within the Kimball family. I'm excited to finally start transforming our house into our own. You can only live with someone else's pukey purple for so long.

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MeganRuth said...

your place is going to look amazing! i'm excited to see the final outcome. you better do before and after photos.

hooray for grape green and boo on pukey purple gloss

Little Lisa said...

Decorate my house, please.

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