Baby, It's Cold Outside

. 11.15.2007

While Brady and I are nowhere near ready to produce a child, I have many friends who are expecting or have recently had babies. This entry is dedicated to them.

Modern Nursery
They have awesome stuff.

Design Public
I really like Design Public and they also have some baby stuff for the modern parent to Oo and Ah over.

All Modern Baby
Also has lots of fun baby stuff.

Baby Geared
Awesome baby gear, like this rocking chair. I could definitely see myself hanging out in that thing, with or without a baby.

2modern has lots of neat things - even stuff for babes!

A modern baby/parenting blog. Has lots of great info and links!

Modern Mini
Lots of fun toys and this amazing high chair.

Cocoa Crayon
Sells these fun and cute knitted dolls by Bla Bla that I have purchased (locally) for both my sister-in-laws as they've had kids. Bla Bla also makes beanies, shoes, rattles, blankets - you name it. I love Bla Bla. Of course, Cocoa Crayon also sells lots of other stuff, too.

Jam Tart Baby
Lots of crafty, but modern hand-made baby items. Neat quilts.

Spiffy Baby

Modern Tots
I don't know if that's leather or not in that rocker, but I like the look of it. I also really like this "Seed" light.

Lots and lots of unique toys. They also carry Bla Bla.

Nest Please
Doesn't offer a lot, but there are some cute things you should check out.

Plain Mary
For the parent with a bit of humor.

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