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. 12.08.2007

It's been snowing quite heavily for a couple days, which is a welcome treat. We had a bizarre snow storm in September and then nothing. It didn't snow again until the last day of November. Since then we've had a lot of moisture - a good sign that maybe we'll squeak by again this summer and the State of Utah will not shrivel up and die just yet.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Kimball family this year. It was a relatively intimate gathering that came as a wonderful distraction to my current predicament. (I've been unemployed for about a month.) I was in charge of bringing the apple pie, and I must confess it turned out to be quite delicious! Here's a photo I took before it was consumed.

Mmm... I should have made two!

As you know, we've been doing some work on our house. It seems we've painted about all we can handle for the moment. I want to post before and after photos, but I think it would have a better impact if I waited until we finished the wallpapering and window treatments.. All we've got so far are the grey walls and the green accent wall - which by the way, is quite bright. We may or may not end up changing it. It has moments of greatness and then in certain lights it's a bit fluorescent seeming. Anyway, look for a post in the coming months that will unveil our new look.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and I must confess that this is the first time in many years that I've been excited for it. It may have something to do with having our own place and our first Christmas tree.

But mostly I'm excited to go home for Christmas. This will be the first time in.. years it seems, that all the Budds will be together for Christmas. Chenele, Mike, Emily, Anavey, Jason, Mandy, Saul, Mom, Dad, Brady, and me. I don't think it's ever been done. I'm really looking forward to it. My family is scattered throughout the west: Idaho, California, Arizona, and Utah, and we rarely get to see each other all in one place. It will be fun to spend some time together and enjoy this great holiday as a family.

I posted before about my hair extensions. Well, they lasted 3 weeks before I thought I might just rip them out myself. So I had Hillary take them out and give my bangs a little chop. Here's the new/classic me:


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Mandy said...

Your too funny!! Jason and I are excited to see you and Brady at Christmas too! along with everyone else. That pie looks yummy!! and I have to say I love your hair it is very cute. Way to go girl!! See you soon.

MeganRuth said...

mmm pie

Little Lisa said...

That pie looks so ridiculously good. And I never saw your extensions, but maybe I'm glad about that--I don't think I could handle the time/space continuum shift caused by Capree not having short hair.

I am excited you're excited about Christmas! I don't get excited about it until I get to my mom's house, when Kimba runs up to me with her Santa collar. That's when I know it's time to get schmaltzy.

Gabrielle Germaine said...

I love your tree! it just makes me happy:)

laurie geving said...

What a cute, quaint little tree! When I read the post about your hair extensions, I think I spit up a little of what I was drinking. I don't know why, but it seemed so hilarious to me in that moment! Either way, with or without extensions, you always have great hair. I am looking forward to venturing out to see your place some time in the very near future!

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