. 1.03.2008

Well, the week before Christmas my hard drive died. Completely crashed. Unfortunately I lost a lot of photos (mostly personal) and a lot of work/files for my website.. oh yeah and all of the scans and retouched files of my greeting cards. And a lot of tear sheets/ideas that I had spent a lot of time finding/researching. And a ton of fabric and wallpaper samples I had saved from various design sites. And all of my software.. and all of my Internet bookmarks.. which is absolutely annoying. I can't tell you how much time I've put in to researching modern design/homes as well as photography sites.. and it was all just a click away.. stored peacefully in my bookmarks folders. All gone. All those modern design posts I have done relied on those bookmarks. I was going to go through my entire modern bookmarks folder, alphabetically, posting about my favorite items. I think I had only gotten up to letter C or maybe D. I also lost all of the "before" photos of our house when it still had the purple walls. I was saving those for a grand unveiling.

I'm sure I lost a lot of other stuff too. What, exactly, will make itself known over the next few weeks.

So, Christmas has come and gone. Our tree is taken down, all signs of the holidays are packed away or thrown out. Glitter and sparkles have returned to being gaudy. Our Christmas was spent in Cedar City this year with my family. As I mentioned before, it was the first time my entire family had been together in a really long time. Brady and I were put up on an air mattress in the laundry room, which shares a door with the storage/water heater room. I contracted a cold, which began to manifest itself on Christmas Day. Most everyone had some sort of cold, so it's surprising that Brady was able to make it out of that den of sickness unscathed. Our time there was enjoyable and it was good to see everyone. The week was marked with several trips to St. George, including one trip to Tai Pan which started by us breaking a $300 candle. Fortunately the store was nice and merely told us "not to worry about it" and "it happens all the time". Moments later, we heard the crash of glass as a woman knocked over a large picture frame.

On Monday I will be hanging a few photos at the Broadway Center Cinemas, just in time for the Sundance Film Festival. I'm hoping that I'll be able to sell a few there. I'm excited about the opportunity, regardless, and hope that something good will come from all the exposure. Did you know they're showing the next Morgan Spurlock movie there? I'm sure that will draw a big crowd.

Like I said in the blog on my website, 2007 is dead to me - three cheers for 2008!

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MeganRuth said...

Oh no!!!! That is the worst news ever. Luke's computer crashed right before the holiday too. Hard drive...busted.

And for all those book marks, Erik turned me onto http://del.icio.us/ which allows you to save your bookmarks online and tag them and share them. that way if your browser goes screwy or if you computer takes it's final rest you still have them all! I'm so sorry for your loss!

I need to back up my hard drive...this is too close to home!

Little Lisa said...

Remember when my hard drive crashed back in February 2006? Once you crash, you never stop backing up. At least, I haven't.

I can't wait to see your twig light. I should write you an e-mail and tell you about all the crazy stuff happening in my life.


(Stands for Love, Little Lisa)

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