. 1.03.2008

Our Twig light finally came.

We ordered it back in October from Lighting For Less. The light is manufactured on a per-order basis by FireFarm. Supposedly, our light had been shipped to us in late November, even though our card was never charged and we never received a shipping notice. We called Lighting For Less after a while, asking about the status of our order. They said they had shipped it and some guy named "Jim" had signed for it.

We told them we don't live with Mr. Jim and that we never received our order. They told us they would put in another order for our light to be made and shipped. Coincidently, our card was charged a couple days after this conversation. Surprisingly, when we arrived home from Cedar City, there was a huge box sitting in the snow by the front of our house. DHL had decided that scribbling on the Sign Here line themselves was a valid way of having a package signed for. Fortunately the bottom of the box wasn't too wet and our light was unharmed. It looks freaking awesome. We haven't installed it yet, but it's sitting near the place that will become its final hanging spot.

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brenda barrett-taylor said...

that light looks amazing. i hope you post a picture when it's up...

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