. 1.25.2008

I've sort of taken a hiatus from "Capree's Curiosities", especially after my hard drive died. I've been thinking lately that I ought to get that up and going again soon. Right now, Capree's Curiosities (CC for short) is mostly comprised of greeting cards. I've been toying with the idea of making dolls/toys as well. I'd love to turn all my weird little drawings into fleece or felt dolls. I think it would be a fun and relaxing way of expelling some of my creativity. What do you think?

Would you want to see "Big Hands Man" in doll form?

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MegRuth said...

Oh my heavens! I want to OWN big hands guy!

I still get loads of compliments and questions about the one random bag I silk screened him on before it got totaled in a move.

I love your creatures

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