For the Birds

. 1.28.2008

Spring will be here soon enough, so it's time to start thinking about your garden visitors! I've always enjoyed watching the chaos that a bird feeder inspires. Fortunately, some really great modern designers find joy in this as well! Here are some beautiful, modern birdhouses and bird feeders for you to enjoy.

J Schatz has bright, playful feeders and houses that will surely bring a flurry of activity to your garden or porch. I love these!

Perch! is another great source for fun, modern bird inspired accessories!

Arcamita offers beautifully designed, all-weather birdhouses and feeders.

Modern Birdhouses makes birdhouses so beautifully designed, you might get a little envious of your avian friends.

Eva Solo is a Danish designer whose products cover a range of uses, from breadboxes to waste bins and of course birdhouses and feeders.

Unica Home offers birdhouses from several designers, including Jonathan Adler and Marcel Wanders.

Modern Artisans offers handcrafted treasures made by skilled artisans and craftsmen. Always original, never mass-produced!

2 Remarks:

Gabrielle Germaine said...

How about we sell a bunch of those as Uncommon Goods.... check it out.




sigh.. I want a porch for birds.

Capree said...

Sweet! Think you could snag one for me? :D Oh, and your photo of the Marcel Wanders feeder is way better.

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