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. 1.30.2008

I had the opportunity to shoot local hardcore band, Riots of Eighty last night. Despite some setbacks (a 3 hour shoot delay....), the whole affair went rather well. I couldn't have asked to shoot a nicer group of guys. The evening ended with a little one-on-one time with some serious artificial wind. I'm in the process now of editing the images and preparing them for a web gallery. Look for final retouched images in the next week.

I had my interview with Nicole Hill of RubberBall on Monday. I think it went pretty well. I'm assisting on Friday on a trial basis, and assuming I don't drop a lens or knock over a light, I think I might be taken on as a part time assistant. This would be an ideal situation, as it would allow me to pursue some of my own photography, but still have a steady paycheck and learn some of the behind the scenes functioning of the stock photography world. Plus, a bunch of people from my old photo class are working there right now, and I think we'd have a blast. Did I mention they play Call of Duty randomly throughout the day and allow pets at work? Cool.

So, here's to a bright future! May 2008 be the year the ball rolls!

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Chaunté Vaughn said...

hey! i saw your prints at the broadway theatre. bravo!

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