I like native species.

. 2.28.2008

I ran across this little website called Utah's Choice which is all about promoting the use of native plant species in landscaping.

Founded in 2003 as a nonprofit organization, the Intermountain Native Plant Growers Association is dedicated to increasing the awareness of the value of native plants and increasing the availability and use of waterwise Intermountain native plants in home and public landscapes. The vehicle for achieving our goal is the Utah's Choice program. Utah's Choice is a plant tagging and educational program designed to assist professional nurserymen to more effectively market Intermountain native plants and to educate consumers about the benefits of choosing native plants for their landscapes. The program focuses on providing the best native plants for horticultural use, increasing their availability, and making sure that consumers have the information they need to be successful cultivating these plants. Utah's Choice plants were chosen because they are easy to grow, conserve water, provide wildlife habitat and are beautiful.

Along with a list of suggested plant species, Utah's Choice provides a list of participating nurseries where these plants may be purchased.

If any of you are considering doing some landscaping or gardening this year, it would be worth your time to research some of these native plants and check out the nurseries listed!

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