I like aquariums.

. 2.29.2008

It is a goal of mine to go to as many world-class aquariums as I can, including the Georgia Aquarium in, you guessed it, Georgia. The Georgia Aquarium is considered the world's largest with over 8 million gallons of fresh and marine water and more species of aquatic life than you can shake a paddle at. I mean, they even have whale sharks - the largest fish species in the world!

I would also love to be able to see the AquaDom, a 25-meter tall, cylindrical aquarium with an elevator that goes up the middle. With 238,000 gallons of seawater, it's the largest cylindrical aquarium on the planet.

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Megan Ruth said...

Oh man! I want to go to the aquarium too! Take me to Georgian with you, please?

Club Narwhal said...

hey that's my dream, too! the one in Sandy is so-so, but there's on in Jersey that's like off the hook. not as off the hook as Georgia's but pretty cool nonetheless.

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