. 2.29.2008

I finally decided what colors I'd like to use for my office! I'm basing the scheme off of this pendant light I've been obsessed with for a while from Fredrik Mattson:

I really, really want it. I haven't been able to find a price for it.. but you know what they say: "If you have to ask..."

I figure I could always buy an Ikea light like this one and paint it.

I know the shape is totally different, but it may actually work better with some of the other elements in the room.

I'm also basing the colors off of these magnets Brady and I got from Grun in St George.

They're pretty sweet.. and really strong.

I'm hoping that this crazy pot I have will work in this new color scheme. When I lived on 300 South in Provo, the previous tenants had left this container along with some cool plants (that are now dead). I've hauled it around wherever I've gone since then.

I love the colors and the goldfish. I think it would also be a nice compliment to the aquarium I have in my office. But, the container is pretty dirty right now (it was outside all winter). I'd like to clean it up and then maybe get a plant like this one to put in it.

I also was thinking of painting the walls either "Baby Boy Blue", "Blue Seafoam", "Fairy Tale Blue", or "Serenity" (all from Benjamin Moore). I can't decide. I'm leaning more towards "Blue Seafoam". Although I kind of want to paint our kitchen in that color, or in "Serenity".

So many options, so many decisions! I'm excited.

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