Sign? What sign?

. 3.03.2008

I'm not usually oblivious to the obvious. In fact, I pride myself on my attention to detail. So when I walked back to my car after a bit of birthday gift shopping and saw some yellow carbon paper folded over a little pink envelope placed under my left wiper, I was a bit confused. "The sign says 2 hour parking!" I thought. "There's no way I was here for more than 2 hours." Well, it turns out that directly above the 2 Hour Parking sign was a "NO PARKING" sign with an arrow pointing, essentially, straight at my car. To make things worse, there was an identical sign about a car-distance away from the first, pointing the other way. This was the only space on the entire road that I absolutely could not park in. All I saw was the friendly blue text of the "Park Here for 2 Hours Because the City of Salt Lake Loves You" sign.

I'm sure Officer P84 got a good laugh. His remarks? "ENTIRE VEHICLE IN NO PARKING ZONE".

Oh, and the kicker? The ticket was written at 3:07pm. I got back to my car at 3:10pm. If only I hadn't looked through the entire "House Plants" book at Barnes & Noble.

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