. 3.21.2008

One of Megan's recent posts reminded me how much I like Marimekko fabrics and other household products. My favorite designer for Marimekko is Maija Louekari.

Maija Louekari’s designs exhibit a marked sense of location, time and space. She has portrayed both the crowds of metropolises and traditional Finnish landscapes in a highly vivid manner. Her expressive line drawings and large planes of colour combine to create a strong impression of three-dimensionality.

I would love to get my hands on some of her fabric to use as a wall hanging. Here are some of my favorite designs by Louekari for Marimekko.

I am completely in love with her new Spring 2008 collection as well. I think any of these would look fantastic in our living room.

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MegRuth said...

I la-la-love the third Louekari!

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