ferming: (verb) the act of making one's home wicked cool; embracing cleverness

. 3.26.2008

I absolutely love the designs and products that ferm LIVING offers. As you are well aware, I've been obsessed with their Branch Wallpaper for quite some time and still plan on using it in our dining area.

(I thought I saw it in the window of some hip wallpaper store in Sugar House, but I haven't been back up in the area recently to make sure.)

Ferm has recently expanded their offerings beyond wallpaper and wall stickers to include pillows, bedding, dish towels, place mats and table cloths, and greeting cards and gift tags. I am super excited about these new "fashion" products! Here are some of my favorites!


Dish Towels

Table Cloths


Wall Stickers

Ferm is Danish for "clever"!

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