Slowly, But Surely

. 3.05.2008

We're slowly getting things the way we'd like them with our house. We've taken quite the hiatus during the past few months. (Who really feels like painting/renovating in the dark, cold days of winter?) Now that things are starting to warm up a bit, I've got the itch to really get down to business. I have some crazy ideas that I'm excited to try out. For now, though, our living room is the most complete of any of the rooms. Here are a few photos after we painted. Unfortunately, all the "before" photos were obliterated from this earth when my hard drive crashed. It's a shame, too. I really wanted you to see those hideous purple alcoves.

As for those walls that will eventually have artwork/decor on them, we're toying with the idea of getting this from Chiasso:

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Club Narwhal said...

omg your living room is so awesome!!!

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