Nursery Rhymes

. 4.04.2008

I love plants and I love going to nurseries. Some of my earliest and fondest memories include going to nurseries with my grandma. There was one we would always go to that had a huge koi pond in the center. I would love to sit and watch the fish while my grandma would look at the plants. My mom would also take me to this same nursery as well as many others. I was kind of a handful as a child, but I always felt such a sense of calm when she'd take me to these places. I think it was a small blessing for both of us. :)

I have other fond "nursery" memories from my youth. My childhood friend Leslie and I would ride our bikes from her house to a nearby nursery. The people that owned it were really nice and would let us search for frogs and other little creatures. Without fail, we'd be able to locate some under the big potted plants near the front of the store. They'd let us put the little frogs in a small pot and take them home. We'd usually release them into her yard and make small habitats for them to call home. Sometimes we'd bring back large snails, but in retrospect, that was probably a bad idea! (I'm sure the nursery appreciated it, though!)

Because of my deep fondness for nurseries, I get really excited when I have the chance to visit some local ones. Recently, Brady and I stopped by Paradise Palm in Salt Lake. While known mostly as a "plantscaping" business, they also have a small (but impressive) nursery located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake. I suggest you check it out! Make a day of it and wander into the nearby boutiques and coffee shops as well!

Paradise Palm
309 East 300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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