Best day in a long list of days.

. 6.19.2008

Really, today rates pretty high on the list of most enjoyable days had by a human. Despite the fact that Brady acquired my summer cold and never made it into work, I'd say today was kind of perfect. Slept in, had a bowl of off-brand fruity pebbles, put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool. (Brady left for work during this time, but came home while I was lounging poolside.) Spent about 2 1/2 hours at the pool relaxing, reading the most recent issue of Dwell, and fighting off the bitter stares of women who tried to cover as much of their walrus-like bodies as possible with synthetic materials and still have it count as 'swimwear'. This last activity was rather amusing, as most women don't hide their thoughts or feelings very well. If they only knew I didn't care, they could have used their 'bad vibe' energy for a more suitable target. Came home from the pool to find that the mailman/FedEx had participated in some sort of Christmas in June conspiracy. Waiting for me was our new rug, $200 in rebates from Lexar, and a "thank you" print from Caitlin Shearer. A truly glorious delivery day! Mostly we just get junk mail and pre-approved credit card applications.. and netflix. After opening all these little treats, I made smoothies for The Sick One and myself, took a post-swim/late afternoon shower, applied aloe vera to that giant spot on my back I couldn't reach and thus failed to put sunscreen on, and put on some light, cottony, summery clothes.


Possibly the most relaxing day this entire year.

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