. 6.17.2008

This past weekend we went camping with our good friends Laurie and Kayla!

Good weather, good food, good location, good conversation, good times.

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MegRuth said...

Shaved head! I like it!

Brady said...

Ahhh! Little eye!

Kayla's head is awesome.

Kayla Porter said...

love it.

Laurie said...

Ummm, uhh, you're the best photographer EVER! You captured it all perfectly. Thanks for all the fun!

Capree said...

Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun! There are a few more photos that I like that I'll post soon. Glad you had a good time as well!! :)

Jelena said...

Thanks Capree! I'm preparing to go to class now. My schedule is awful! Mon- Thur 8am to 12pm and then again 6pm to 10pm... but, like we said only 2 more weeks!!! Your pictures are awesome!!!!! If you don't already, you should do stock photography. I want to buy a camera, but I can't nearly buy one as nice and expensive as yours. I was thinking about getting the Canon Rebel XTi.

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