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. 6.17.2008

My awesomely talented father, Don Budd, just got his website up - check out his paintings and spread the word!

All images © Don Budd.

From the Artist:

The environment has been most influential on my work. Having lived most of my life in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona the Sonoran Desert was a powerful influence - a brutal area. I spent a couple of years in Iowa and was struck by the endless, repetitive, horizontal bands of corn and soy beans, amazing storms and the flooding rivers. After leaving Iowa I moved to Southern Utah where the horizontal striations, unique forms and intense color of the red rock further solidified my attraction to our earth as my main influence. The works on paper have many layers of acrylic washes built one upon the other and then are scrubbed, wiped, sanded and more layers added. Part of the process often leads to penetration of the paint and exposing the surface of the paper or in some cases rubbing a hole through the paper. This is all part of the process and many of my works will have holes in them, in the literal sense.

To see more, visit his website: www.dobu-creative.com

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