. 6.24.2008

Over the weekend, Brady and I headed down to Cedar City to visit my parents. While we were there, we had an early birthday celebration for Brady. He got a little grill amongst other outdoorsy stuff. Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to grill some steaks and veggies for dinner with our new little guy. Everything started out well.. but after 90 minutes, we decided to bust out ol' Georgie. Call us lazy or impatient, but that's just way too long to wait. (Pretty sure our coals weren't ready when we put everything on the grill, though.. so there you go.) Here are some photos from the evening:

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MegRuth said...

I love these photographs Caps

Capree said...

Thanks friend! My favorite photos are the one at the end - Brady and the sad realization that our meats were not getting cooked.. haha

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