. 6.23.2008

Excuse the horrid pun.

My new friend recently told me about Kate Gibb and her mad printmaking skills. I'm really digging her portfolio, especially the more abstract pieces. Glorious!

Kate Gibb studied Printed Textiles at Middlesex University before her studio gradually expanded during time completing her MA at St Martin's in London. Music has presented itself as a major outlet for Kate Gibb's work, providing sleeve artwork for The Chemical Brothers, Simian, Bob Marley, Suede, My Computer and recently The Magic Numbers, amongst many more.
Her client list is impressive and includes involvement with many Japanese magazines such as ‘Relax’, ‘IDEA’ and most recently ‘Atmosphere’. In the UK she produced seventeen covers for the re-issue of the H G Wells’ back catlogue commissioned by Penguin Books. Her background in textiles and love of printed ephemera combined with her acute sense of colour has led her to working with fashion brands including Dries Van Noten, Levis, Lee and Adidas.

Check out more of her work here.

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