OK, so I couldn't wait.

. 7.01.2008

By random chance and the beauty of the internet, the following numbers were picked for The Giveaway:

Numbers 244, 115, and 50!

So, the winners of the first ever Capree's Curiosities / Capree Kimball Photography giveaway are:

Drum roll, please.....

#244 - MystiqueIsland!
Congrats! You won Print #1:

#115 - FirstLove
Yay! You won Print #2:

#50 - LottieFrank
Rock on! You won Print #3:

If you didn't win, don't fret! I will definitely be having more giveaways in the future! :D

So, congrats again to those who won! And most importantly, thank you, thank you to all those who have "Hearted" me on Etsy! Your support and kind words mean a great deal!

In the event that I do not hear back from the winners, new winners will be chosen from those who hearted me by the giveaway deadline.

4 Remarks:

Mystique Island Photography said...

thank you so much Capree!! You have great works of art, and of course deserve a bunch of hearts!!
Great giveaway and Happy Selling!!

Bethany said...

Thank you soo much dear lady!!! I'm a lover for sure of your talent and work...thanks so much you wonderful number picker for picking me!! :)
I can't wait to frame and hang your photo in my studio :)

Capree said...

Thank you both for your support on Etsy! I hope you enjoy your prints! I am mailing them out tomorrow! Woohoo!

Moxie said...

Lucky peeps! Those prints are fab.

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