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. 7.02.2008

I thought it would nice to feature some work from the 3 giveaway winners!

The first winner is Mystique Island Photography.
This winner says:
I've been in love with photography since 15 years ago..ever since I touched my friend's camera, I just feel like, Photography is my life! I can't live without my camera. I'm still learning how to make a wonderful black and white photo and my photographs usually colorful, macro-ish (is that even a word?) and scenics or landscapes.

Check out their work:
Goodbye, My Lover



The second winner is Bethany Montella of First Love.
About her work:
I have a real love for vintage lace,fabric and trims from the early 1900's-1920's...searching for them in flea markets and antique shops is almost as fun as designing and creating the garments. I combine them with lovely new materials and create items that are sure to become favorites in your wardrobe. I also design jewelry to complete your look with the same one-of-a-kind feel using only the very best beading components.

Here are some of her unique, vintage-inspired creations:
Vintage Silk Flower Rhinestone Wedding Bridal Headband

French Market Bag/Purse/Shoulder Bag

Vintage Lace Wedding Cloche Hat

The third lucky winner is Lucy Claydon of Lottie Frank. (I have featured her work before.)
About Lucy:
Fresh out of university Lucy worked on her own creative projects and exhibited her work in a number of galleries, a few years later Lucy went on to become a graphic designer for an Award Winning Independent Department Store, which is predominantly fashion based - Lucy loves this job as it has developed her skills and with a free reign to create exciting fashion campaigns she can't complain. With Illustration still in her heart, in late 2006 Lucy decided to focus on her passion for fashion illustration and has spent many an evening creating her ladies, scribbling down ideas and tearing up magazines for inspiration.

Check out her illustrations from the "Bead Beautiful" series:
Bead Beautiful Series - 1 of 3

Bead Beautiful Series - 2 of 3

Bead Beautiful Series - 3 of 3

Congratulations again to the three winners! Be sure to check out their shops and show them some love!

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