. 8.26.2008

When I signed up for a Flickr Pro account, there was a promo going on in conjunction with MOO, a UK based printing company. For being a newly christened Flickr Pro account holder, MOO was offering 10 free mini cards, printed directly from your Flickr files. I have wondered about the quality of MOO's products and services and thought this would be a great little offer to take advantage of. I ordered up 10 of the same image to be used as promotional material for Etsy orders.

My little MOO cards arrived today in the mail and I must say that I am very impressed! The paper is beautiful and thick, with a lovely matte finish I can't stop touching! And the color is totally accurate! Fantastic quality, I say.
Thanks, MOO, for these beautiful cards!

If you're thinking of ordering some business cards or custom greeting cards, I would suggest checking out MOO. You can print directly from your images on Flickr, Facebook, or VOX, or upload images from your computer.

Check out MOO at www.moo.com.

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Kayla Porter said...

What a great site, thanks for the link. I really like those minicards.

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