Brand Upon The Brain

. 8.25.2008

Brady and I watched the most amazing movie this weekend, one that I'll not soon forget. If you don't consider film to be an art form, perhaps this film will change your mind. Of course, if you don't consider film to be an art form, this may be like casting your pearls before swine. In any regard, this movie blew my mind and I want to share its magic with everyone. Here's the trailer.

Brand Upon The Brain - Dir. Guy Maddin

P.S. Guy Maddin is a visionary, perhaps even a genius.

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Laurie said...

I've heard great things about this guy. Come to think of it, I actually saw The Saddest Music in the World, and it was awesome!
I'm also looking forward to his My Winnipeg film (Should be interesting to me since my mom hails from Winnipeg and I'm somewhat familiar with the city; its culture, etc). I believe it will be here in September sometime. We should all go see it!

Capree said...

Yes, Saddest Music was fantastic! I'm excited for My Winnipeg, too - we will have to see it together! I think it opens September 5th at the Broadway.

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