Return of the Fancy Lad or Victorianism Gone Wild

. 8.25.2008

I first saw Dan Hillier's work through the MODOFLY website, which I wrote about here. It wasn't until now that I explored Dan's portfolio at length. [www.danhillier.com] I have to admit that my love of bizarre Victorian-style illustrations had never been met with such fervor. Dan's work combines many of my most favorite things - 19th Century anatomy illustrations, Fancy Lads, and bizarre creatures - often in the same image. Here are a few of my favorite illustrations.

From his bio on the MODOFLY website:

With a nod to Max Ernst and 19th century medical and anatomy books, Dan's collages of found Victoriana and his own ink drawings throw up a darkly humorous collection of unsettling beings from a distant time into the modern world. Dan lives and works in Hackney in East London where he also sells his work as limited edition prints. He has exhibited in various venues in London including the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

To view more of Dan's work or to buy one of these sweet little numbers, go to www.danhillier.com.

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